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Why should I consider placing my remains or those of a loved one at the San Juan Bautista Cathedral?

The San Juan Bautista Cathedral in Old San Juan is the spiritual center of Puerto Rico and all Puerto Ricans. It is the oldest on the Island and, following the ancient Catholic tradition, the remains of the people who have loved Puerto Rico the most rest here; Juan Ponce de León the first governor, the first Bishop of San Juan Alonso Manso and His Eminence, Cardinal Luis Aponte Martínez.

For centuries, it was the first stop for sailors when they arrived at the Island after a long voyage. Today its vaulted ceilings and stained-glass windows welcome both the most solemn ceremonies and the most important celebrations.

In the oldest part of the Cathedral, in the Gothic rooms of this emblematic place, is the columbarium where the remains of the church's faithful are preserved. This columbarium offers 394 dignified glass-fronted niches as the final resting place.



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